Do you ever sit and daydream about new adventures, getting outside and trying something new? Well, you're not alone.  Offtrak Expeditions is about embracing travel and new experiences.  As Overlanders, we want to encourage current members within this community, and welcome men and women to embrace the Overlanding Lifestyle.

We started off with a rooftop tent and a goal to grow the knowledge of this lifestyle, all while sharing our personal adventures along the way.  Overlanding isn't about the destination - it truly is about the journey.  Taking the road less traveled, disconnecting from the everyday, and enjoying the experience.
We created our brand with the intent to share and educate current and future Overlanders.  We'll be sharing videos of our adventures, gear reviews, route updates, and more to our website and social channels.  In addition, the creation of our online store will provide custom apparel to those who want to represent this awesome lifestyle.
We hope to see you on the trails!  In the meantime, keep dreaming and keep exploring.
- Alyssa & Tim, Offtrak Expeditions